Course Details: Personal Dimension

2.1 Personal Profile Development ® - A Success Package

This course is for top management, political clients, and their spouses. An intermediate course is available for middle management.

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2.2 Presentation Skills

How to prepare and present a speech effectively for various target audiences, radio and television.

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2.3 Coaching

This programme is for individuals who must make major life decisions and career changes.

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2.4 Let me out! A Course in Assertiveness

In a collective society the individual disappears in a crowd. To keep the individual core intact, it is important to develop self-knowledge and

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2.5 The Man who Planted Trees: a Motivational Course

This motivational course is essential for people in emotionally draining environments.

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2.6 Body Language

This course if very important for trainers, marketers and people who have to negotiate the value of content and products.

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2.7 Leap for Success

This course is important to help you achieve your dream by changing your perception. A course for a new attitudinal and spiritual awakening.

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